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New system from Switzerland helps fill your camp, saves money and huge amounts of time with a focus on turning your participants into promoters.

Would you like to fill your camps without spending thousands on marketing?

Find out how much you will save filling your camp using Camp Treeā€¦



This is how much you could save through using CampTree...


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We interviewed several Directors and asked...

"What are the biggest challenges facing summer camps today?"


There is a lot of competition, we hope to be full this year but there are so many other camps to choose from.


We rely on agents to bring business to our camps but they are charging up to 20% which is a big chunk of our profits.


Running paid traffic to our landing page seems like throwing money away money.

What we discovered...

Most camps are not full meaning they are wasting huge amounts in revenue and profit.

Agents are being used to fill camps but are charging up to 20%, costing camps thousands.

Vast sums of time and money are being wasted on ineffective marketing.

What is the solution?

We spent over 40,000 CHF testing the most effective ways to grow our camps and here is some of what we found...


1. Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is by far and away the most dependable way to attract new campers.

2. Organic Growth

We found a system which accelerated word of mouth to grow our camps faster while spending less on marketing.

3. Automated Software

We are turning our system into a software to share with other camps which we are calling Camp Tree.

Grow Your Camp Faster by Accelerating Word of Mouth

How does it work?


Sign up to Camp Tree which is quick and easy.


Every time someone signs up to your camp they receive a unique URL to share.


When others enrol they receive rewards you select.


Which fills your camp organically without you having to do anything.

Highly customisable

You can choose the rewards and the incentives for your campers and parents.

Very Flexible

This can work with any system you use to run your summer camps.

No fixed contracts

You can sign up for a month or a year and cancel any time. We only want you to use it if you get excellent results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much does it cost?

Until 1st October Camp tree is available at its lowest price of 99 CHF per month with a deposit of 99 CHF. After that it will cost 199 CHF per month. Or benefit from a single payment of 1000 CHF now and use Camp Tree forever. Only available until the 1st October.

Our presale offer includes a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied when the software is ready.

What would the expected results be?

We spent around 10,000 CHF in discounts and rewards through this system last year which generated over 300,000 CHF in revenue. So, our return on investment using this system is around 3,000 %!!

What sort of camp is this for?

Any camp who wants to grow quickly and effectively without wasting thousands on marketing. This system can work with camps of any size big or small and can be implemented easily.

If you have campers who have great experiences on your camp then this system is for you. If your campers don?t have a great experience then you need to look more at what you are offering as this system won?t work for you. We can help you improve your camps - email us at

What system does it integrate with?

This is a stand-alone system, so it can work with any system you currently use for your summer camps. You don?t have to change the way you operate currently. We track the rewards for each of your campers to make it as easy as possible for you to implement.

Can you imagine not having to give away thousands in your hard earned profits to an agent, who has just passed on clients to you?

Join us today and secure the lowest prices forever.*

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149 USD

Per month billed $149. Up to 50 users.


249 USD

Per month billed $249. Up to 500 users.


449 USD

Per month billed $449. Up to Unlimited users.

Pre Sale $1000


Paid through stripe

pre sale - $99 per month


Paid through stripe


5388 USD

Per year billed $5388. Up to Unlimited users.



No spam guaranteed. We only send your results and a guide.



No spam guaranteed. We only send your results and a guide.



No spam guaranteed. We only send your results and a guide.